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Caller ID Training Guide


To Start Call Sumo:

Locate the Icon on your desktop and double click to open the login box: (if you are restarting the Call Sumo login window automatically starts up)



You should have already been given a username and password. Please enter that in here. If you are unable to log in you must contact Call Sumo to get a reset. (Users can not reset or set their own usernames or passwords at this time.)


Once Logged In:

You will get a notification on the bottom right on your task bar letting you know that Call Sumo is now tracking your calls. If you click the Call Sumo icon, it will open up the call history window.


This will allow you to see your recent calls.


A New Call:

When a new call comes in from one of the tracking numbers you will get a pop-up saying existing patient. Lead, Office, or Marketer.


If the pop-up says anything other than Lead, you can answer the call then close the pop-up box. If the call is a “lead” then you will want to classify this call as a good or bad lead for marketing purposes. This process also feed our system with information about the call.

“Good Lead” options:


There are 3 options to select from:

1. New Patient Appointment

This would be a new patient who called and ended up making an appointment or maybe they were just asking for directions but they already had an appointment scheduled

2. New Patient Call

This is for when a new patient who has an appointment but is not in your PMS system, because of this our system may identify them as a lead.

3. Potential Patient Inquiry

This would be used if a lead was calling and asking questions but maybe they didn’t have their insurance card or wanted to check one more place before they made the appointment but were genuinely interested in your services.

“Bad Lead” options:

Bad lead for us means that it is not a potential new patient at all. This however that doesn’t mean it was a bad call for the business it is strictly for marketing purposes.


There are 4 options to select from:

1. Existing Patient

This would be used if an existing patient called for an appointment and was listed a lead. (This can happen from time to time if a patient calls from a work phone or a friends phone.)

2. Office

This would be used when another office or a lab calls you.

3. Marketer

This would be used if a marketer calls you. This will classify this caller as a marketer and give you the option to ignore any future calls from that number if you would like.

4. Other

This would be used if a call doesn’t fit into any of the categories above.



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