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Google Integrations


Call Sumo has two integrations with Google:

Integrations with Google Analytics and Google AdWords report call data as “Conversions” in AdWords, but they operate differently and work to achieve separate goals.

Google Analytics

This integration will track calls from Visitors to your Website/Landing Pages as “Events” in your Google Analytics dashboard.

You can view your calls right in Google Analytics and analyze them together with your website data. Call Sumo sends all inbound calls and inbound texts into Google Analytics as “Events” with the Website Visitor detail attached. Connecting Google Analytics to Google AdWords creates a seamless flow of data, connecting the exact “Paid Click” to the unique caller.

In Google Analytics, “Goals” can be set up around “Call Events” and can be customized in a variety of ways.

For example, you can create a goal for:

  • Organic Traffic
  • First-time Caller(s)
  • Total Talk Time of over 120 Seconds
  • Google AdWords Visitors
  • Site Visits over 30 Seconds


These Goal Completions can be imported into Google AdWords as a “Conversion”, helping improve your overall conversion rates.

Google AdWords will only allow calls to be imported as a Conversion that can be tracked back to a “Paid Click.” Note that it takes up to 5 business days from the time your goals start completing in Google Analytics for the “Import from Google Analytics” option to appear in your AdWords account.

The following items must be completed prior to setting up your Google Analytics Integration:

  1. Purchase Tracking Number(s) & associate them to the Tracking Source of Google AdWords
  2. Place the Call Sumo tracking code in the header of landing page(s)
  3. Make sure Google Analytics tracking code is on the landing page(s)
  4. Make sure you have administrative access to the Google Analytics property that’s related to the landing page(s)
  5. Google Analytics must be linked to Google AdWords
  6. Google AdWords must have auto-tagging turned on
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