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Setting Up Notifications


Notifications are emails or text messages our system will automatically send you when triggered by your calls.

For example, you will receive a phone call or text each time a call comes in through one of your tracking numbers. Alternatively, you can also set it up so that you'll receive a text notification each time a call goes unanswered so you can immediately look into it.

Here's how you set up Notifications:

  1. Go to Reporting > Notifications
  2. Click the "New Notification" button to start creating a new notification:notifications.png
  3. In the General section do the following:
    • Name your Notification. This is just for your internal use so you can know what notification is which. Some helpful labels would be monthly calls, missed calls or even sales calls.
    • Select your Notification Language. We offer notifications in English, French Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.
    • Select your Notification Type:
      • Email After Call
      • Text Message After Call
      • Daily Email of Calls
      • Weekly Email of Calls
      • Monthly Email of Calls
      • FormReactor Email
      • Sale/Conversion
      • Scored
      • Tracking Numbers Purchased
      • Tracking Number Released
  4. Click Save to save changes. notifications1.png
  5. In the Recipients section, add the email address/es that would receive the notification you just setup. There is no limit to how many email addresses can receive the notification and they do not have to be users in the account. Then click Save Changesnotifications2.png
  6. In the Email Data Fields section, do the following:
    • Add the Subject Line for your notification. Clicking on the boxes underneath will add in specific components of the phone call to the subject. For example {{name}} called on {{day}} will show Jack Price called on Monday in the subject line for a caller whose name is Jack Price and called in on Monday.
    • Select which fields you want to include in your notification. A field that is in the Left column will NOT be included, while a field in the Right column WILL be included.
    • Click Save Changesnotification3.png
  7. In the Filter section, you can setup under what conditions you should be notified. Setting up conditions filter is optional. If you do not add any conditions, you will still receive the notification for every call.notifications4.png
  8. In the Testing section, if you added a condition, you can test it against a past call to see if it would trigger a notification.
  9. The ADF section means Auto-lead Data Format Settings used for Auto Dealers
  10. In the Preview section, you can preview what the notification would look like. You can choose a past call to see how it would email to you. To preview for a different call, just hit refresh. preview.png

For further help on setting up notifications, please contact our customer support.

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