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How Many Tracking Numbers Should You Get?


Offline Ads

TV, Print, Radio, Billboards, Newspaper ads are all offline ads. For each medium you must use 1 Tracking Number. So if you're running both TV and Radio as, you must assign 1 tracking number to TV and 1 tracking number to Radio.

Online Ads

Online ads are Google Adwords, Google Organic, Bing Organic etc. These ads lead callers to your website or landing page/s where the tracking number will dynamically appear according to the source your visitor came from. We recommend 1 tracking number for every 20 daily visitors to your website from each medium.

For example, you estimate an average of 200 daily visitors to your website from Google Adwords ads and an additional 40 visitors to to your website through links in email campaigns. You should then purchase and assign 10 tracking numbers for Google Adwords ads and 2 tracking numbers for your email campaigns.

Call Sumo will evenly distribute how many visitors see the tracking numbers in your online sources across the day. The system remembers which tracking number each visitor saw and it will continue to show that same number to them each time they come back to your website.

Accuracy Report

View our accuracy report found in Reporting > Accuracy Reports. This report will tell you by source if you need more tracking numbers, less tracking numbers, or if they are just right based on the criteria explained above.

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