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Requesting Tracking Numbers


Call Sumo offers a broad selection of phone numbers in a variety of regions and area codes. There may be times when tracking numbers from certain areas may be very rare or depleted, or cannot be purchased for other reasons.

Our inventory is changing by the minute, so we may have a certain tracking number with a  particular area code in stock one day but not the next. However, we regularly re-stock our tracking numbers so if you’re looking for one with a specific area code that is unavailable, it’s more than likely we will have them available for you in a few days.

If you requested unavailable tracking numbers with specific area codes, we can have it available for you within 3 business days. You can also request request toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, numbers with repeating digits or international numbers. Please take note that these special numbers will be cost more than regular tracking numbers.

Vanity and 800 Numbers

Vanity and true 800 numbers will require a one-time setup fee. The setup cost varies depending on current demand for the pattern, area code, or word you are looking for. The normal rates for local or toll-free numbers will apply for any number renewals going forward.

Once you have selected and agreed to the purchase of your vanity number, we will set it up and make it ready to be used as a tracking number. This porting process may take up to two to three weeks, and we will let you know the timeline and ready dates as soon as that information is available. We strongly recommend that you do not display your new number in advertising or on your website until it is ready to go.

Vanity numbers are currently available for the U.S. only.


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