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Available Tracking Sources


With Call Sumo, you can track any onsite or offsite advertising channels to know which channel is bringing in the most calls and which is bringing in good leads.

Types of Tracking Sources

Onsite - these are advertising channels that drive traffic to your website. The visitors who come from these channels will see a tracking number that will dynamically appear on your website according to the channel they came from. For example, the call tracking number for the Organic  Tracking Source will be the number the visitor will see once he/she reaches your website. This process is called Dynamic Number Insertion

Offsite - these are are advertising channels where tracking numbers appear OFF of your website. For example, you well place your tracking numbers into a TV ad, in a postcard, on a flyer etc. You do not need to install the Call Sumo tracking code on your website if you are just tracking offsite sources.


Tracking Sources 

  1. Ad Extension - this source will indicate calls coming from your Google Adwords call-only ads and call extensions
  2. Bing Paid - if you see this source in your calls, it means they got to your website by clicking one of your Bing Ads ad.
  3. Bing Organic - calls associated with this source means the callers came from a Bing search. 
  4. Direct - calls from this source mean that they directly went to your website before making a call.
  5. Email - an “offline” source by default, the tracking number for this source is the one you should place in your emails.
  6. Facebook - an “online” source by default, this means that the tracking number will be displayed to visitors of your website who have landed there from Facebook. You can also place a different tracking number directly on your Facebook page, this will be an "offsite" source since callers will not be redirected to your website.
  7. Google Adwords - callers from this source will see the Google Adwords tracking number on your Google Adwords ads landing pages. Please make sure you have Auto Tagging enabled in your Google Adwords account to use this source as we look for a gclid id in the landing pages URL's.
  8. Google Maps - the tracking numbers for this source should be places on your google maps business profile. The Google Maps tracking number will appear in the actual business listing. This is an “offsite” source as the tracking number is not dynamically appearing on your website.
  9. Google Organic - callers from this source will came from a google organic search. You will be able to see the search queries that each of these visitors used in the call reports.
  10. Referral - calls from this source came from visitors to your website who came from another website. 
  11. Television, Radio and Print - these are "offsite" sources. The tracking numbers for these sources should be placed/used on your actual Television, Radio and Print ads.
  12. Twitter - calls of this source are from visitors coming from Twitter to your site.
  13. YouTube - calls of this source are from visitors coming from YouTube to your site.
  14. Website - an "onsite" source, visitors of your website - direct or through another website - will see the Website tracking numbers.

If you don't see your advertising channel on as one of these Tracking Sources, just let us know and we can configure custom Tracking Sources for your account.

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