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Install the Call Sumo Tracking Code on Your Website


In order to track calls back to your online advertising campaigns, you need to add Call Sumo's tracking code to dynamically display tracking numbers on your website.

The tracking code is a script we will provide you to help determine the advertising channel that led a visitor to your website and shows the tracking number that corresponds to that channel. Once the visitor calls your tracking numbers, the tracking code allows you to see the details of the visit as soon as the phone starts ringing.

Install your tracking code:

A. For Wordpress and HTML websites:

1. Copy the tracking code provided by your manager, here's an example of how the code looks like:

<script async src=““></script>

2. Add the code in the head (between the <head></head> tags) of all of the pages of the website.

B. For Joomla websites:

There are three places where the call tracking code can be added:

1. In a 3rd party module

There are many modules in the JED (Joomla Extension Directory) that can be installed in order to add the code on a Joomla website.

Step 1: Download a module and install it on your Joomla website

Step 2: Set its parameters to reflect the Call Sumo account number found in the tracking code:


Step 3: Enable it on the website and you're good to go

2. In the template

Step 1: Go to the template manager

Step 2: Open the index.php file of the template that you’re using

Step 3: Add the code near the end of the page

3. In a in-house developed system plugin

Develop a configurable system plugin that will automatically add the code to every page on the frontend of your Joomla website (in a specific place in your HTML code, just before the <body> tag)

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