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How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics


Before you setup goals in your Google Analytics account, make sure you have done the following:

1. The Call Sumo tracking script installed to your website or landing page

2. Shared the Google Analytics account associated with your website or landing page/s to

After the above steps are done, you will see the events for each call showing up in Google Analytics under the “Events” section within “Behavior.”


The call data available in Google Analytics Events is structured by the standard Category/Action/Label/Value in the following way:



To set up goals that will match your call events, you need to do the following in Google Analytics:

  1. Go to admin and choose the Analytics Property connected to Call Sumo
  2. Go to the Goals
  3. Click the “add a goal” button
  4. In section 1 Select Custom then click Continue:GA_Goals_Events_Call_Sumo1.png
  5. In section 2 name the goal something that you will recognize (such as “First Time Calls”) GA_Goals_Events_Call_Sumo2.png
  6. In section 3 configure the goal details, for example: GA_Goals_Events_Call_Sumo3.png

Take Note

Name: anything that would be recognizeable to you

Type: must choose Event

Category: You must put in "Calls" as that is how we identify our call events we send to Google Analytics.

Action: Any of the Tracking Sources you have in Call Sumo ie "Google Adwords", "Organic"

You could also leave this field blank to include all calls (like in the screenshot above) or you could set up a goal for each one of the Tracking Sources you have in Call Sumo (please make sure you name it here the same way you have named it in our system)

Label: You can leave this field blank unless you want track goals for a first call or a repeat call. “first-call” is a useful label to enter here because it will ensure that the goal only completes the first time a caller calls, and will not count calls made by the same phone number. It must be setup exactly the way as it's shown in the above image: Regular Expression = first-call

Value: This field is a way for you to only count calls over a certain amount of seconds as a goal. For example, you can track calls over 60 seconds as a goal by putting in "60" in the Value field. 

Use the event value as the goal value for the conversion: Turn this on only if you want a value to be imported into Google Analytics for the goal completion. If you turn it on and leave the monetary field blank, then the Event value shown in your Analytics dashboard and reports will be equal to the length of the call in seconds. If you put a value in the monetary field, then that will be the value of each call.

Once you have your goals set up in Google Analytics, you can then go into Google Adwords and choose to have those goal completions imported automatically as conversions.




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