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Call Sumo Call Events in Google Analytics


To see Events in Google Analytics from calls tracked in Call Sumo, make sure the following have been set up:

1. Your Call Sumo tracking script added to the header of each page of your website or to your landing page

2. Your Google Analytics account has been successfully connected to Call Sumo

The following information is sent to Google Analytics to trigger events:

  • tracking number name/label if available/configured
  • tracking number
  • first-call or repeat-call
  • call id


The event label will look like one of these:

“Google Adwords”, +18665551234:first-call, 123456789
“not set”, +18665551234:repeat-call, 123456789

The value of the event will be the duration of a call in seconds.

This is an example of how your events will look like in Google Analytics:


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