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How to Access Call Recordings


Calls are recorded as soon as the phone is answered by either a person or a voicemail/voice prompt system.

A call is not recorded if the caller never got past the ringing portion of the call. Unrecorded calls will show as "no audio" calls in your call log:

  1. To access your Call Recordings, click Calls > Call Log
  2. You can choose any call to listen to. There are 3 ways you can listen to calls:call_recording_no_audio.png
    • Click the “pop out” link in the log to listen to the call in MP3 or WAV format.
    • Download the audio file by right clicking the format link in the pop-out window and select “save target as.”
    • Click on the headphone icon
  3. To enable or disable call recordings for inbound and/or outbound calls, just go to Numbers > Call Settings. Then, click “edit” next to your settings configuration ie "Account Level”, then scroll to the Call Recordings section.


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